HR & Employer Acceleration

Streamlined to meet the needs of you and your employees.

My Transition Solution - Onboarding


We’ll provide new-hires with an introduction to the company benefits along with complimentary financial reviews.

My Transition Solution - Connection

Education / Complimentary In-House Seminars and One-on-One Reviews

Alleviating some of HR’s responsibilities and adding in-house value; we’ll provide onsite financial education classes and offer complimentary reviews of your current corporate benefits package.

My Transition Solution - Connection

Corporate Health Insurance Packages

We’ll run comparisons and compute quotes for savings.

My Transition Solution - Connection

Establish and/or Analyze and Restructure 401k Plans

We will assess fees and make sure that they are aligned with your company’s level of assets. We take time to shop benchmarks and make it possible to reduce costs for your 401k platform.

My Transition Solution - Connection


We provide assistance to those exiting the workplace (terminations, retirees, etc.) in order to safeguard their wealth and protect the well-being of them and their families through these changes.

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